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Where are we in Revelation?

It has come to my attention to the timeline of the revelation.

Rev 8:8-  November 8,2011 Comet passed by earth

Rev 8:9-On November 14,2011   88 whales died

But before this would be, the events match up to the scripture

Rev 1-April 2011

Rev 2-May 2011

Rev 3-June 2011

Rev 4-July 2011

Rev 5-August 2011

Rev 6-September 2011

Rev 7-October 2011

Rev 8-November 2011- where we are now (8:9)

After November starts REV 9

REV 9 is  in december,  and  REV 10 starts the new year in January and there are 12 more months or chapters in revelation that addup to 22:21 which ironically backwards in December 21, 2012 the prophecized day  of judgement.

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