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3 is a lucky number

FYI there are 3 Friday the 13ths in 2012, and they are exactly 3 months apart. 3×3 is 9 which is said to be a holy number, also Jesus and Mary M had 3 children.  These days could be very significant days next year. So keep your wide eyes open!


Wow there has been so much going on right now I don’t where to start. First of all I have a lot of breaking news, I have been investigating the location of the holy grail for a while and I am happy to say I know where it is. If I am right this could […]

Interpretation of My Flooding Dream

About 2 months ago, I had a dream Iwas at a wedding and it started to flood.My family and I were runnin from the flood, the same with another dream  I had before that.  Well this is very ironic and might point to a specific day of rapture. Andmy aunt and my sister are getting […]

The Tragedy of the Templars

The great warriors of Christ, the Knights of the Templar used to be held up in the uttmost respect. Battling for Jesus and protectors of Israel they were truly magnificant. But what happened to those glorious knights to make them change their ways and lead away from the light? After traveling to Jeruseleum on a […]

Figuring out Prophecy

I’ve been working on de-coding this drawing out of Nostradamus’ Lost Book and here’s whatI got: The wheel is the wheel of time and God’s hand is turning it. The background is Carsonne France and the inside of the wheel looks like NYC. The soldir in the yellow shirt is a knight of the Templar […]

They Say Clone I say Barrack is the re-incarnation of King Ahktenaten

Barack I’ve been wondering for a while is what? The anti-christ  the destroyer of worlds or savior? Well one thing is for sure he bears a very strong resembance to the king Ahktenaten. And obviously he is not the only one re-born to serve a part in the revelation.           Accoring […]