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Obama is trying to force the catholics to endorse birth control.

President Obama is trying to force catholics to offer birth control to their employees at their churches, and so on. It is direct violation of the freedom of religion amendment in the constitution. For more info read this article   ¬†Attack on religion? I think so.

Interested in the Freemasons? Or the galatic allignment secrets? Read this.

Are we still the land of the free? I think not.   Do you think we are still free? Along with the FEMA authorization to arrest American citizens without a trial which currently goes against the Constitution they are trying to censor and control the internet. Why? You may ask, they say piracy, I say control, like FEMA if anyone goes against the government this […]

More and more prophecy….

It is amazing how much prophecy is starting to unfold, in a way I am very nervous but relieved to some point. A couple months ago I had a dream about me being at a relatives wedding when I started to see it flood, well as fate would have it my aunt just told me […]