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Are we still the land of the free? I think not.



Do you think we are still free? Along with the FEMA authorization to arrest American citizens without a trial which currently goes against the Constitution they are trying to censor and control the internet. Why? You may ask, they say piracy, I say control, like FEMA if anyone goes against the government this gives them the right to arrest them. Who would this benefit? The antichrist of course! Or anyone who hates Christians, we are in a religious war believe it or not, and when they gain full power and control they will force everyone to conform to his way or else!

And this is a way to control the people’s “free speech” and gives them the right to arrest us Christians. This is not a joke, they are taking over and never has such threats to the constitution been made by the American government. I understand they need to track terrorist, but soon people in power will use it to harm innocent citizens who oppose them.

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