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More and more prophecy….

It is amazing how much prophecy is starting to unfold, in a way I am very nervous but relieved to some point. A couple months ago I had a dream about me being at a relatives wedding when I started to see it flood, well as fate would have it my aunt just told me she is having a reception the day before Easter, which will probably be at the ballpark down by the river. April seems like a very important month as far as everything goes. It is all about numbers also, did you know there are 3 Friday the 13ths exactly 3 months from each other? 3+3+3= 9 + 12= 21 and 21 backwards is 12 the number of completion in the bible. Like the end of the Mayan Calendar or the winter solstice/ galactic alignment date. 12/21/2012 it is 12 12 12 or (3) 1’s and (4) 2’s ironically the ancient people have made sun dials so to speak like Stonehenge and the one on the Mayan Temple. The rocks are lined up on top of each other like 11 with 1 on top (3 ones)  and there are exactly four of them. In the bible God uses a lot of numbers, like 7 the day of creation, 12 completion and disciples, 3 days it took to resurrect Christ, and 22 chapters/ 22 verses of the Book of Revelation. Speaking of 22, it is the day I had a vision of the earth being struck by a comet of some sort, July 22 to be exact.If I am correct these days and months are of great importance so be watchful.

April 7-14-Flood due to environmental or military events.

June 4- The day that the truth comes out about the bloodline and the first Lunar Eclipse

July 21- 22- Comet impact

August – December a time of trials and tribulation for those left

December 21- Solstice/Alignment and Rapture or Ascension to heaven.

Take this as a warning, the future is not set in stone, but it is better to be safe than sorry. ❤ to all!


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