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Keep God’s Laws and You Shall Be Free

On Behalf of the Saints we ask…..

We ask not to be idolized or prayed to, for only a true christian should pray to is Jesus, the son of God and the father our God. God has said not to put any other God’s before him that includes the saints, and he has said not to have laid idols carved in stone that includes […]

Who am I , why am I here?

You may wonder who I am why I am here, it is that “Time Again” , time for us apostles and prophets to be reborn in order for us to complete our holy missions here on earth. I along with other Saints have been reborn to fulfill God’s promise of his second coming and to […]

Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah the first born child of Jesus (Easa) and Mary Magdalene, she was beautiful and gifted and much like her father she could heal animals and injured people. Her greatness and goodness was spread throughout the area of Southern France, she taught and worked in secret for fear of death by the Roman Catholic Church who […]