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Feminine Face of God


In the ancient and most secret teachings of Jesus Christ the son of god he talks about the feminine aspect of God. He talks about the parents and devoted a secret book called the “Book of Love” to the most cherished women in his life.  We all know he had children, but what was the true message and secret teachings that they have been keeping for thousands of years?

In Genesis 1:26  God said: Let us make man in our image, According to Our likeness.

Key word is Our if God was only one person why would he say our?? And do you ever wonder why the Catholics pray to Mary so often?? Maybe she is the queen of heaven , the mother of our lord Jesus, the wife of God incarnate on earth during the time of his birth. If you read the legends of Lucca, Tuscany, Charters France, and Languedoc they speak of a divine union between man and woman that only happens when  a man and woman reunite in the sacred routine of Haeros Gamos. This is because God made a man and a woman out of the same soul, that was split in two. The other half, the soul mate, and the blessed divine union.

If God made man in his image then wouldn’t he be the same?? A man with a twin soul or the feminine aspect of himself? That would make perfect sense, that they would be the “parents” of the nation.

Being who I am, I want to tell you why maybe the feminine aspect of God was lost . In the beginning the earth was to be equal, day and night, land and sea, love and hate, man and woman. God/Goddess made man and woman in their image, the image of him and his wife. The two were to be fruitful and multiply.

Well the wife of Adam named Lilith grew in fear of this, she was afraid of having children. So in fear she fled away, refusing to be with Adam. After her refusal and argument with the angels. God decided to make a woman for Adam out of his rib named Eve, she was not equal of Man because of this, and this is what threw the perfectly balanced world imbalanced.

The reason being that Adam was made of the land and air, and Lilith was made of the sea. They were not equal partners. After fleeing from Eden, Lilith was deceived into going into exile with Samael who seduced her and got her pregnant with Cain and Abel the twins. After her much painful and torturous time in exile she was finally redeemed and allowed to be born again as a human taking form into the wife of Ham son of Noah, then later incarnations were Princess Meritaten of Egypt, Mary Magdalene of Israel, Joan of Arc, Mary Queen of Scots, Maria Antoinette and myself included, for the last and final time on earth.

I take full responsibility for my actions and am not perfect but Adam and I are reuniting very soon and plan to fix everything that went wrong.

So I know how real the female face of God is, because she is I and I plan to restore the true teachings of this and of Love that Jesus started so many years ago.

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