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My Circle of Lives and What I have learned…

My Circle of Lives and What I have learned...

What Happened and What was the punishment

1. Lilith chose to leave Adam because of a disagreement of things, (Envy)

Punishment: I was sent into exile with Lucifer for a number of years until I was given the chance of reincarnation to bare the child of antichrist. But losing my “Adam” my one and only soul mate was the harshest one of all.

2. Meritaten found greed after father offered her gold in exchange for her to bare his son. (Greed)
Punishment- After child was born (Tut) I was sent into the desert to die, but found Christ and repented before death.

3. Mary- (Vanity) was mostly because I was beautiful and was obsessed at looking at myself in the mirror or reflection.

Punishment is that beauty fades and age takes a hold of it. And a beautiful heart lasts forever.

4. Jean of Arc- Saw visions of angels and St. Catherine and was told to lead and army to help put the king on the throne. I was successful but instead of letting things be, my pride led me to lead another siege and I was captured. (Pride)

Punishment- Captivity and eventual burning at the stake for war crimes, the lesson was not to think you can conquer the world because you won one battle and too much pride leads to disaster.

5. Mary Queen of Scots- Sent to live with my in-laws at the age of 5 and married to their son at the age of 14, his death was a shock. Traumatized and exiled by my mother law and sent to Scotland I ruled as queen. After meeting a brit called Lord Darnley I wanted him as my king. I soon realized that he was a drunk, an adulterer and traitor. During this time I lusted after a man named Bothwell, he and I fell deeply into bed together and he formed a plan to kill Darnley. (Lust)

Punishment- After it was done I was captured by my brothers men and forced into exile for pointing him out in the treachery. Leaving my son behind I went to London to seek my cousin Queen Elizabeth the first’s help, but instead was held captive for 20 years and beheaded. But yet the worst punishment of them all was losing my son and him thinking that I was a harlot and traitor.

6. Maria Antoinette- Born in Austria I was sent to France to marry Prince Louis, we had went 6 years without a child, and the pressure was on my to bare one, as a way of dealing with this pain I spent lavishly on dresses, food and parties with friends. The fact that I could spend what I wanted and I didn’t pay a mind to the economics of the kingdom. Since I never was good with politics or economics I had no idea what I HAVE DONE. (gluttony)

Punishment- Had to be that the townsfolk starved and the people rebelled, I was beheaded and my children were taken from me and put in the worst of situations. Again my children lay motherless with strangers who blasphemed my name and their endurance and suffering is what my punishment truly was.

7. This life- What I have done in this life so far has been the bare minimum I suppose I have laid around, catered to and taken care of by my husband. I have recently for the past 7 years been working on my mission and have raised three beautiful children and finished my degree and dreams that way. I am surrounded by love of friends and family and do not value money like I use to, I have cut my spending in half, I have humbled myself before God and before man, I do not think of myself as more beautiful than other women, nor do I seek fame or glory, Adam or (Jesus) and I are at one, together and reunited. I wish to make right what I have made wrong, and understand that I need to fulfill my vow to god one last time. After this vow is finished my punishment will be as followed. (sloth)

Punishment- Captured by the anti-Christ, murdered and burned by my punishment is a blessing for me in disguise because it will free me of the cycle of birth and re-birth, hence taking me into the arms of my one and only husband and love. So my punishment is not by God it is by man, for they are the ones who lusted after me and when they couldn’t win me over they decided to make me pay and get their revenge out on me. Their love wasn’t love it was about winning and they sought me out as a trophy wife, not to love or cherish, but to make themselves kings by having a queen, they thought I would give them power, uprise them amongst other men. Give them sons who would carry out their dynasty. What selfish live they do lead, how hurtful it was for me to endure what they have put me through. My suffering from their hands was never ending. I tried to save them, I tried to help them but my generosity was thrown in my face. For now I realize that they must take responsibility for their own actions and they continue to fight Christ for me or for revenge they must suffer their fate and lose. For when he defeats and judges them I will not stand up on their behalf and help them this time, because they did not love me or appreciate me or treat me with respect as a wife or a woman. Their poor choices have not only punished them, they have punished me, and our children and anyone associated with us. For God’s fairness is the fairness of the people, all of the people and by their deeds must they be judged, and so be it.

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