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Rapture/Ascension Time is Near

Rapture/Ascension Time is Near

This is not a warning this is the real thing, the lord in his infinite wisdom has spoken not only to I, but several spiritual workers and said our time is short. We are currently in Revelation 9 and moving into Revelation 10 which speaks of how Jesus fulfills his promise to the prophets that he would come again.

People say he is coming but the truth is he is already here and when he ascends he will take his followers with him. As for right now we are preparing for this grand event. Those with love in their heart, and who accept Christ will be taken. So give your life to Christ now, not later, the time is short and those left behind will be in the tribulated society filled with violence and disorder.

Run by a one world government who wish to take complete control. Do not worry, have peace, practice love and prepare.

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