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Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my blog home of the presently incarnated Saints, we welcome you with open arms, and expect you do do the same. We wish to spread the word of god and love to all who is willing to listen and understand our purpose.

What is time?Our time is short on earth if you think about it, what is 100 years compared to eternity? We are souls having a human experience, the world is our temporary home it is not where we belong. Heaven awaits, the kingdom with the king of all kings awaits. Our lives are nothing but a journey to spiritual growth, planned out before our birth to help us achieve the highest level of spiritual being. Nothing is done by chance, nobody is in your life by mistake, people help us learn and grow. Even if that means taking several lifetimes to achieve it.

Our world is being awakened to a new world of love and light, God has shined his love upon us but it is up to us to spread the love. So when it’s time to ascend to heaven you will shine brighter then the brightest star.

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