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6 Thoughts You Shouldn’t Think

1.I am Mortal
2.I need a Mate
3.I need Personal Power to rule Others
4.I need to own certain Things
5.I need another person to make me Happy
6.I need Control of my space. 

The 1st implies that you are human not spiritual therefore keeping you grounded to the 3rd dimension, the 2nd implies that we need to someone else to complete us, but in reality we should be more then enough, 3rd is what the government uses to control humanity and keep people stuck in a I have to be in charge and rule others in order to survive but in reality we should all work together as one as equals, the 4th is the materialistic attachments that hold spirits to the third dimension, I see this a lot in earth bound spirits who are trapped because they cannot “let go” of attachments to their earthly lives and objects they once owned, and the 6th this is a primal or territorial instinct to protect ones space, this is where the act of war comes in, the leaders tell us to protect our space our government, give us fear of an unknown enemy who may harm us in order to pursue their political agendas. The New World Order is all about this, all about controlling the masses through fear, materialism, and manipulation they in all sense of the world holding people down. Money is their weapon and the root of all evil, it is what gives them control and they use it to drive the weapon of feat into the hearts of the masses. 

The solution would be to rise above all these thoughts not just from within but from outer forces who want to make you think these thoughts, the media drives it and is it’s greatest weapon of creating mass fear. In the movie “Left Behind’ the Antichrist used the media to do the same thing, he created fear, which made him offer solutions that served his interest, he had power of food, supplies, resources therefore giving him and the rest of the One World Order power of the people. But the people who fled into the mountains lived a life free of the tyranny and oppression, I am not saying to hide but be strong and stand up for your right to be free and without control or fear. The very word ANTICHRIST is the opposite of CHRIST, Christ will save and liberate you, but the Antichrist will oppress and hold you down. That is what it means, whether he is a demon spawn of Satan is to be seen and has been glamorized through Hollywood.

There is real evil out there but the true evil lies within the thoughts and minds of men, they can either create their own heaven or put themselves in their own hell. In the END it is our choice. 

Much Love and Blessings

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