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The Beast of Revelation 13

You know this man as Barrack Obama the great king of Kenya as by the meaning of his name, I know him as another, the dark angel of death who has come to condemn the world and destroy what we hold so dear. In his former life as King Akhenaten he thought of himself to […]

I am the Sophia

The Two Witnesses will appear soon!!

The two witnesses propheized in Revelation 11 will appear in January-February 2014. With strong accentuation on January 20,2014 as I was shown in a vision. They are the reincarnated Prophet Enoch and Prophet Elijiah. Revelation 11 And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure […]

Be Part of the Christ Consciousness

Be Part of the Christ Consciousness What is Christ Consciousness? The human mind has spiritual currents running through its thought streams. These streams contain vital information from Spirit that is highly valuable to humans. Spirit is the source of everything TRUE, BEAUTIFUL, and GOOD and conveys these ideals through the human mind that intersect with […]

All 11 of my lives

There is a fascinating past-life reading for a woman who Cayce said was on Noah’s ark. In the reading Cayce gives some insights into the coming changes in the new age that we are expecting, the Aquarian Age, and their relationship to the changes that occurred during Noah’s time. You’ll recall, even Jesus references Noah’s […]

Atlantis and Lemuria the real story of creation The Four Creations from the Akasha The Mayan-Aztec Four Suns or Ages and the 5th Age of Movement correspond fairly well with the four creations followed by a major change described by Cayce as he reads the akashic records. He lists these ages in order as: 1st & 2nd in Mu, the Motherland; 3rd […]

The Gnostic Gospel’s and the Seven Powers of Wrath Explained

The Darkness, Desire, Void and Ignorance Removing the Mask of Personality at Death:  We all have some level of discord or negative vibes within us after death because of our Earth experience. In heaven, all these unwanted soul vibrations are removed by God – who can be thought of as the Master Vibration. The first stage […]

The Christ Consciousness

Salvation To liberate oneself, to be free from the workings of the mind which keeps us imprisoned into lower levels of the spirit.  Forgiveness To forgive others and yourself for things you have done, taught by Jesus by an outer perspective but  to forgive oneself is a way to salvation. For the weight of the […]