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The Christ Consciousness


To liberate oneself, to be free from the workings of the mind which keeps us imprisoned into lower levels of the spirit. 


To forgive others and yourself for things you have done, taught by Jesus by an outer perspective but  to forgive oneself is a way to salvation. For the weight of the soul is measured by good and bad deeds and to not forgive is to carry these deeds with you and prevents freedom or salvation. To be free from these bad deeds called sin.


Jesus taught to love all, regardless of outward appearances, to not see the bad in others but look into their soul into their goodness of their sacred hearts. And to love yourself, and honor your body as a the temple or a tower that needs built up not knocked down.


Sacrificing oneself by an unselfish deed or act shows that you care for others as yourself, for you are one, and that you love another person enough to give up everything you hold dear for them.

God’s love

Jesus taught that God is a god of love, not a god of wrath, smite and vengeance, he spoke of God’s love and how it is unending and that prayer helps us keep in touch with God so that he can help us with the things in our life that we need help with and make a relationship with him. Through prayer and praise the lord will bless our lives and the lives of others.

The son

Jesus was the son, he was God’s light that shined into the world to show his truth to the world that was filled with darkness and to open the eyes of those who are blind to the truth.

The resurrection

Showed however dead you are in spirit you can be raised into the light of God and that he would give you a new life and you would be born again, made a new.


It is about overcoming the world and rising above to the highest level of spirit that you can go , it is about aiming for the stars, going high as you can go until you reach your final destination the 5th dimension, to the heavens.  



Jesus said judge not, do not judge others, not even ourselves, for if we judge ourselves we therefore put ourselves into our own heaven or our own hell. And it is by our own fear of the wrath of God that many souls put themselves into their own hell because they can’t let go of what they have done or what others have done to them. When a souls says that they are in heaven it means that they are enjoying their lives so much that it is happy and carefree as heaven that they have nothing weighing them down and the happiness and joy are profuse enough to carry them to bliss. The same with the pain they feel, the pain they hold onto weighs them down so much that they are brought into a constant state of anguish, guilt, suffering, torture and sorrow because they will not let go of the pain, but if they let go of all of the pain, attachments, anger, resentment, and negativity that weighs them down they can be free. It is said that any soul can find his or her way out of the deepest darkest pits of hell, but they must find their way out of the pain they have caged themselves in. The mind can be a cage; the illusion of evil must be avoided by seeing the inner good in everything and everyone, beyond outward appearances and personalities.  The world is a stage, we are actors playing a part, whether we are the villain or the hero, our part is important to the play as a whole, and it is nothing without the other.

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