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The Gnostic Gospel’s and the Seven Powers of Wrath Explained

The DarknessDesire, Void and Ignorance

Removing the Mask of Personality at Death:

 We all have some level of discord or negative vibes within us after death because of our Earth experience. In heaven, all these unwanted soul vibrations are removed by God – who can be thought of as the Master Vibration. The first stage after death is a condition of still being involved with and acting according to our outward personality which we had on Earth. From this initial stage after death, we slowing begin to lose this outward personality consciousness and begin to become more of the person and inner nature we actually are.  This removal of our outward elements occurs in the void where there is nothing else to focus on but our true inner nature.


Excitement of death

The Realm where Thoughts are Deeds:

 As our outward earthly personality is removed, our thought process begins to change. Our thought process becomes more and more based on our true intentions – our impulses. In the realm of mind and imagination, impulses are the same as actions. In other words, thoughts and impulses become united. Thoughts are impulses and impulses are actions. The farther into the afterlife experience we get, the more we are acting on the basis of who we really are. The final stage of adjusting to the spirit world is a stage of instruction. As it is with children in the Earth realm, we must be instructed once again in the ways of the realm we have just entered – with the exception that our instruction on the Other Side is not based on time. Higher spirit beings educate us and bring us into heaven.


The Kingdom of the Flesh

Heaven is Forever Our True Home:

                As mentioned earlier, negative vibes cannot be expressed in heaven. As we enter into heaven, these negative vibes are removed by God. This creates a level of happiness that cannot be imagined on Earth. Heaven truly becomes a spiritual state of living as who we really are. In heaven, we remember our real identity. In heaven, only the best in each person survives. It is a joyous condition and a state of expanded awareness. There is a perfect freedom of spirit and no one gets tired. It is a new lease on life. It is a lively hilarious place and our true home. We then begin to realize how we were merely visitors on Earth and heaven is our real home. We begin to realize that we have been here in heaven before. Knowledge beyond our deepest dreams exists all around us like the heavenly all-pervading music that can be heard. God’s presence is so obvious here that it cannot be denied. The love of God in heaven is like the air we breathe. The Golden Rule is the only law in heaven. The beauty of the environment in heaven is beyond words and they reflect the spiritual nature of those who dwell there. Multi-colored cities of crystal light created by God can be seen. There exist exquisite heavenly structures such as spires, domes, amphitheaters, Grecian looking buildings, libraries of wisdom, halls of spiritual learning, temples, and communities. Waterfalls, mountains, valleys, lakes and other realms of recreation exists in a way that makes their earthly equivalents merely a empty shadow


“the foolish wisdom of the flesh” or wrathful wisdom

 At a Deeper Level, We are All Connected Together:

 Although our goal is to remain forever in heaven, our greatest goal is to bring heaven to Earth. If we don’t help those in the lower realms to develop a higher level of spiritual development, we cannot truly enjoy heaven. This is because our family and friends may exist at these lower levels. As Mellen-Thomas Benedict so eloquently described it, “We are going to link up, hold hands, and walk out of hell together.” For this reason, we leave paradise not just for the sake of our own spiritual development, but for those we love. By doing so, we are also doing this for God’s sake. We are assured by God that when we leave paradise for another incarnation at a lower spiritual level, we will be brought home safely again. Ultimately, everyone will merge with God at the highest level as it was in the beginning. Ultimate paradise lost will truly become ultimate paradise found again. (Kevin Williams)


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