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Add one more to the list

Last night I was shown that I was Hager the servant of Abraham, and mother of his first born son. People try to say I was Sarah but I was not, this makes 12 lives known of so far. Reincarnation is real and those who think it is not are blinded, the soul must learn […]

The 5 Dimensions of Being

There are 5 dimensions, 1. nothingness 2. The lost souls 3. Earth and all matter 4. The spirit world which is on the earth by the way 5. Heaven. Those who don’t accept the love of God or those who have evil in their heart get stuck in number 4, most good people travel through […]

The 144,000

Once upon a time there were 144,000 angelic missionaries who came to earth to help heal the planet and show the population who they really are, these 144,000 are awakening to who they are now before it is time for them to ascend to the heavens. They are in human bodies, totally oblivious to who […]

The Real Holy Trinity

The Co-Creators of this world and our galaxy are us three, the true holy trinity first the father the creator God of all, with my twin flame and husband Jesus (the Alpha) aka Archangel Azrael and me the Sophia aka the Archeia of Mercy (the Omega) the mother of all. Since the beginning of creation […]