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The 144,000

The 144,000

Once upon a time there were 144,000 angelic missionaries who came to earth to help heal the planet and show the population who they really are, these 144,000 are awakening to who they are now before it is time for them to ascend to the heavens. They are in human bodies, totally oblivious to who they really are due to the veil of forgetfulness placed upon us at birth. These chosen divine people will leave soon. They bring love of the father and spread his light all over the world. Even if they don’t know who they are, they just are radiant. One day they will leave and the world will be confused because more were not taken. The others are blinded by greed, financial pursuits, lust, anger, hate and above all denial of the truth. The truth of the creator God and his love for us. Who is our enemy? Those in power seek to make us think we have enemies to give us a reason to allow them to control us, those in power use religion as a weapon of power, every day we are given distractions, for the soul purpose of keeping the veil over our faces so we don’t face the truth, or have time, or make time to see who we really are. Fear gives them power, take back your power by finding your light.

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