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Reincarnation is Fact

I have done 235 past life readings from the Akasha, like this one of Napoleon Bonaparte then and now. I don’t charge, I just help people see how their karma now is directly related to their past life events and relationships.

About Me

Name: Mary of Bethany-The Magdalene (Master) Archeia Lady Mercy (Magdalena) Twin Flame: Archangel Azrael Theme: Transition through experience ~ The Bridge Chakra: na Stone: Moonstone Color: Silvery blue Qualities: Akashic (past life) Records – great guides when working with the records. prelife understanding. Helps us overcome karma.” Believe half of what you read and none […]

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

“Even when I blink my eyes, I cannot take them away from God … He is the mirror’s Eye. My soul and my body become beauty-full with that Eye”. Rumi


Denying who you are and your mistakes will not fix them. Taking full responsibility for them and learning your lesson does. It amazes me how easy it is to write off those you love because you can’t face your past. Everyone loses that way. Healing comes from forgiveness not denial.