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Welcome to Magdalena’s Akashic Readings I hope you enjoy my site. Sending love and blessings your way! If you would like a reading please click here

Have a Blessed Easter!!

He is Risen!!

Magdalena’s Akashic Records

Magdalena’s Akashic Records Check out my new akashic reading page!! All readings must be done by sending a picture and your full name via private message. 

We Meet Who We Meet

The Land Before Time

Map of the land of Atlantis, Mu and Lemurya

I love my King

He is my king I am his queen, he gives me courage and will protect me always ❤

Diamond Ray of Light

The Diamond Light emanates 3 primary expressions of itself: black, (its polar counterpart, which holds the void space within which Formation may begin, brought forth from the non-manifest possibilities created by Divine Mind) gold and silver (the masculine and feminine manifestations of the Divine: gold holds the space and provides the fundamental matter for Creation; […]