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Negative News is Poison

Under the law of attraction we attract our reality with our thoughts, and when we see negative news in social media it spreads like wild fire!! We pretty much throw the oil on the flames. That is how they operate, but if we tune out the negative and focus on the positive and love we […]

What does equality mean to you?

You are no better then I, and I am not better then you… we are all made out of the same divine spark of God! Females are no less then males, this was lied about to give men dominance for thousands of years. Neither are females better then males, my point being the system was […]

What is in a Name?

A name…… what is in a name? As Shakespeare put it. If you call your creator God a name other then what I call my creator god, does that make him any less then the creator? If you call me an angel, the goddess or any other name I have had in any of my […]

Love Will Save the World

Love Will Save the World …..if we let it, This requires loving others as you love yourself, regardless of race, religion, social standing, sex, marital status or anything else that separates us from each other. Love is being one with each other and one with God violence, pain, ignorance and war is the enemy of […]

God is Within Not Without

God is within not without, you have all you need to save yourself inside of you, times have changed, you are your own savior, the problem with the world is that they blame and outside source and look to an outside source to fix their problems instead of looking within,taking responsibility and changing. Life is […]