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God is Within Not Without

God is Within Not Without

God is within not without, you have all you need to save yourself inside of you, times have changed, you are your own savior, the problem with the world is that they blame and outside source and look to an outside source to fix their problems instead of looking within,taking responsibility and changing.

Life is about experiences and is all a part of the divine plan, nothing is by chance, and nothing or nobody is a mistake, you signed up for this before your birth, it is part of your divine contract .In a world of polarity and karma we get what we give and in that we are balanced and are able to find bliss within your heart, within is God not without, for we are never without God.

Even if you don’t go to church you are still not without god, God is a God of love, God is love and love is the absence of judgement, and if we do not judge there is nothing to forgive. The only one judging you is yourself and the only forgiveness you require is to realize that you have both light and dark within you and nobody is perfect.

Not even the saints lol believe me I know them

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