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My Life as Queen Victoria

Since my Queen Victoria life is getting so much traffic I wanted to write about it, my life as Alexandria Victoria came as quite a surprise, it is not everyday that you find out you were the queen of England, on my page Magdalena’s Akashic Readings you will see that I have done over 750 past life readings on others and I have found most of my own lives, I opened up my Mary Migdal Facebook page in 2011 hoping to find old friends and acquaintances. I first met Prince Albert my former husband as Victoria in 2013, we automatically felt the flame of love burning like a wild fire, unfortunately Albert is now like he was then, very smug, disagreeable and quarrelsome. So we ended up parting. Fortunately for me though I continued to meet my children from that life. My little Bertie my baby I met by chance, I also met Vicky and Arthur. Princess Louise, Prince Albert Edward  and Helena are already in my family so I have had them with me all along. Vicky and I are very close and she is awake and aware of her past life and does have memories. If she and I were to go to Kensington Palace and Windsor I am sure we could amaze everyone!  I just wanted to write this post to show that I am awake and aware of who I was, I wish Britain the best and I support the new Brexit! I hope it brings freedom and prosperity.


Love Forever and Always Victoria

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