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Dream Diary


Wow what an amazing year, we are absolutely coming into a new age of light, I have had the pleasure to connect with angels, lightworkers, human angels, apostles and friends and family. We are very close to ascension as some call it. Jesus is here now, waiting to ascend with his followers and beings of light. I am very sad to see him go but happy that he has spent so much time with me. I am his bride and always will be, but now is my time to complete my vow to God. I have had help and support thus far and hope that they continue to help me. I am so nervous I can hardly stand it, the suspense is killing me. The signs are everywhere, we have made it up to Revelation 9 and 10 will be the start of something incredible. But how it worries me, when everyone is gone I will have to walk my path that leads to my purpose. I know after my vow is complete I only have 3 1/2 years until my death. I accept it, I know it has to be, IAM not afraid. He will capture and kill me for not choosing him, this whole thing has been because they have made war with my one and only Jesus. I have chosen him because we are one he is my soulmate.

As in Revelation 17 the kings they speak of are my past life and present husbands. 5 are fallen –

John the Baptist, ,Francis, Dauphin of France,Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley,James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell, Louis XVI of France.

And one who just is, my current husband and the one who is on his way and will stay for a short time is Jesus who is here now but will ascend. And the one who is of the 7 is my past husband King Akhenaten of Egypt aka Obama.

And they will make war against me and kill me as it says at the end of the chapter. That is my end, and this time my end is my end. I will get to escape the cycle of birth and rebirth. Oh how excited AM I? I have waited for a long time for this moment. I’ve been in Summerland between lives but not in Heaven.  As for now I am waiting on the arrival of comet Ison and the ascension. What a spectacular hall this will be! For those who have followed me I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I wish you well. May God Bless You!



Its almost time to say goodbye.


My Pilgrimage

Eight days in the Unjited Kingdom! That is what my pilgrimage turned out to be, first I was supposed to go to the elusive Rennes Le Chateau but it didn’t work out that way. With my plane canceled and delayed I ended up staying in London and Southwales. My journey was first off very stressful, and I did not have any idea what to expect. Going to Westminster Abbey was a very moving part of the journey. Walking through the large cathedral surrounded by thousands of years of history and royalty was overwhelming. My heart stopped when I entered the tomb of Mary Queen of Scots, I could not pull myself away. I did everything I could not to faint, nor let anyone else recognize who I am, or what I was doing there. It pained me dearly to see the vast number of tourist trampling all over the graves of the noble people laid to rest there. I could in fact say the same about Stonehenge, I was disappointed at the fact that they would not let anyone get close to the stones. I thought maybe, just maybe if they knew who I was that they would let me inside the inner circle. The place of Jesus was remarkable, I could feel his presence the moment we arrived in the area. While standing  there in line, watching a couple kiss and feeling somewhat lonely, I felt someone kiss my cheek. There was nobody there but I knew it was him. My love was with me all along. From the moment I landed in London to the day I left. Even in Westminster in  a small ancient church in the back I was almost taken out of breath to the realization that St. Peter and St. David and probably St. John-Joseph. And I realized that this whole journey was to follow in the footsteps of the much loved children of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. For isn’t that what this whole month is about? It is about the children and their ascension to the great kingdom above. I almost got as far as ST. Davids church in Pembroke but didn’t due to the weather.   Their presence was very strong at Windsor Castle, while walking through the art gallery, I noticed many paintings of Mary Magdalene, and I came across one of three children. Two boys and one girl, I knew right away who they were. (even though the other tourists didn’t even notice) the queen in all her glory was also only 30 feet from me that day. I wanted to ask her where she got the paintings and the book that is in a small version of the ark of the covenant in that room. But being as shy as I am, I didn’t. I wanted to tell her the prophecy about her grandson’s illness, but I didn’t. I wish I would have though, in that small little French town that Windsor resides in, it was all to clear to me that she admires the legend and feels comfortable with it. From one queen to another, I thought we could have been friends. But she was not what my pilgrimage was about, I was not there to have fun, nor to celebrate about the Diamond Jubilee. My mission was about being there, finding out they had done, where they been, and who they are.  St. David was the prize of the trip, along with his sister Sara, I knew they were guiding me. From the shores of Pembroke to the towers of London they were there then as they are now. I don’t know where my next journey will lead me but I do know that he wants me to plan it. So I am going on faith, going on love, and most importantly going on hope. In other words, I am going.


An Angelic Visit

The other night while outside on my porch I saw two golden orbs fly out of the sky, one went into a nearby tree and the other into a bush. After this I could hear the tree rustling like someone was in it. This happened the night before, but I only saw one and it didn’t land. I felt like someone was there but they wouldn’t say anything. They are here waiting on me to transition from human to spiritual being I believe. Sunday is the eclipse so maybe they are here to be my guide and protect me. The golden of the orbs are widely know to be angelic ones according to the research I’ve done. Its getting close and after Sunday I will not be posting on this page most likely…


Waiting for the sky to fall

This is my second attempt to post this diary. The first one was unsuccessful due to whatever reason. I thought today would be a day to say goodbye, as of now I know that something big is about to happen. The vision I last had was my house in shambles due to a large earthquake. And my spirit that I commune with keeps saying disaster. This is much harder then I thought it would be. I have no help from my family because I cannot bring myself to tell them who I REALLY AM. They would never believe me, and of course I wouldn’t believe me either if I was them. I cannot change it, just accept to go at this alone. I wanted to tell them goodbye and that something big was about to happen. But today was mostly about sarcasm and condescending attitudes and thoughts with them. There is no turning back now, and as of now I am just waiting for the sky to fall.

April 17,2012

The Two Witnesses

In Revelation 11:3 god talks about the two witnesses who is  to preach to the people of Israel before the tribulation. Last night during my research of the subject I found a website of a man who had a vision. This happened 4 years ago, he said that he was shown a dream where he was to go to this website and speak about the witnesses. He said “They are living amongst us, and don’t know who they are yet and will go to this website looking for answers.”

April 8th Easter

Dear Diary

This weekend has been very hard on me, nobody understands why I am so frustrated, if they only knew the sacrifices I have made along with our savior who gave his life, I have to admit a bit of anger fills me heart for what I have lost, nothing major happened this weekend of course to my disappointment but I hold fast to my visions and have faith they will come to pass

Today was especially hard and I couldn’t help but be sorrowful all day when I should have been happy for him saving us, they give me my visions but I feel so alone in this, how an I tell the world what will happen and get laughed off the stage so to speak, until it happens I am powerless, that is how I feel right now, except for the dream I had last night I had power to make people listen to me and was explaining what everyone should do in preparation for this global catastrophe, maybe I’m being selfish, but I have done so much for so long I grow weary and wish that God would send me some help here 😦

March 21, 2012

Like I said facing the beast is getting even more real then I ever imagined,. There is no doubt in my mind that I am her now, the constant feeling of wings on my back is a sure sign that I am here and her and the time is now.


February 16,2012

Dear diary, last night’s dream was so real and so wondeful all at the same time. I had a dream that I looked at myself n the mirror and at the same time, two large wings came out of my back where I could see them. For the past month or so I’ve been feeling like I had wings but I could not see them at all. And this dream finally revealed to me what they look like. They were large and white with a couple stripes on them. They weren’t like angel wings, more like eagle wings.

This to me was a very wonderful experience, sometimes when my dog is in the room I will concentrate and make them rise, and he looks at me with huge eyes and looks amazed. What is their purpose? Like the scripture says when it comes down to it, when me and the anti christ are face to face and he has me up against the wall so to speak, I can simply fly away. I’ll fly away old glory.

December 4,2011 Dear Diary I figured out what the whales dying might reference to  Luke 11:29“This generation is an evil generation; it seeks a sign, but no sign will be given it, except the sign of Jonah.” Sign of Jonah, and of course the story of Jonah and the whale in the bible is a very famous one.

Anyway, the dreams I’ve been having I am not aloud to share according to my guides. But I will say that we are approaching the end of this world and ascention into another. And it is my job to help right what was made wrong. This month I’ve had the same dream at least 3 times, so I know it isn’t just coincidence,I am her. Believe it or not, and the Templars have given me clues to when it will start.

Here is the story, I’ve been studying Mayan prophecy which unmistakeably points to 9 knights of the underworld who are going to fight the number 13, which is the day the Knights of the Templar were exterminated by the Pope for what “they knew.” Yesterday I walked into the pawn shop and saw a KNIGHTS OF THE TEMPLAR SWORD and it made me realize that the knife in Nostradamus’ drawing refers to them. Another thing is that my spiritual advisor keeps warning me about a 44 day transition and when I count the days from when she first told me, it comes to January 13,2012 Friday the 13th to be exact, the day the templars died. Coincidence I think not, I never go to that store and something pulled me in there that day, only to see that sword.

In the drawing to the right———————————————->

The sword represents the templars, the club is destoying the tree of life, the scorpio represents Januaruy (in Nostradamus’ time period it is a month behind current signs) and the lamb represents Jesus. As far as the sword I saw, whether it is real or not, is irrelevant it symoblizes what  I’ve been trying to figure out. The exact day of the start of the apocolypse.

November 20,2011

I miss Jesus so bad that I want to be with him, yet I want to stay here and fight evil and save souls along with him. But in another dream I had, God told me that I wll be raptured. I tried to contact my descedents in Scotland, but no luck yet. I wanted to meet them and see if the people at Rosslyn Chapel would hand over the grail to me. I am so torn, so confused, maybe just maybe an angel will come to my aid.

November 5, 2011

Dear diary, well Halloween has come and went without a hitch. I was surprised nothing major happened. The thing that nostradamus was trying to get across was that the population would turn to 7 billion on Halloween. (Which did happen) I was hoping Jesus would have came back but no luck yet. I am getting frustrated I have to admit. .  But patience is a virtue so I have to have some. Now is the time of change.

October 22,2011

Dear dream diary, it has been one vision filled night. I not only kept seeing visions of Jesus in my dreams, but of relatives. My grandmother came to me in my dream and told me that me and the rest of the world would go through something and that she would be watching and taking care of my children. Before this dream, I remember someone saying something about them being worried about the babies.

Oct 19,2011

Oh what a night, after an hour of mediation, burning ragweed, and using my angel cards I dozed off into a dream like state. Where I got a vision of a man with a lions face. And I was suddenly startled out of this trance by a weird lightning storm that only last like 3 minutes. I am still wondering what it means, and worrying if it signifies how Jesus left like a lamb and is supposed to return like a lion. The significance of 7 billion people is troubling me. I am concerned what may happen on that day, it reminds me of the story of the “guff” of the hall of souls. The guff is the hall of souls in god’s mansion, and so it is said that when  it is empty it will start the Apocalypse. What will happen on this day is not clear, in Nostradamus’ quatrains it just talks about it appears. But what is the “it” that will appear? Is it a comet, Jesus or maybe the antichrist? Idk for sure but I guess I will find out. So close to my college graduation yet, I am not certain it will ever happen. Uncertainty is a troubling thing.

This is my first entry of my dream diary, I am trying to keep it up in case I need it for future reference.

Oct 10.2011

My dream last night was terrifying, I had a dream that the earth was flooded again. This time I was at a wedding, standing by a river when all of a sudden the earth started to flood and I woke up. I don’t remember much about this dream except that and me telling my grandparents that they should have listened to me, and my prophecies. To go back further, about 3 months ago, I had a dream about the world being flooded and my family and I were trying to outrun the water. We got to the top of a local mountain, and that is as far as it would go. What worries me about the whole situation is that the comet impact predictions and biblical ones, all say that the comet will hit the earth, and hit the ocean which would flood the earth, like in my dream. My dreams are visions, they are vivid, and usually come true. It is inherited by my grandmother who passed away fifteen years ago, she had the same gift. Which sometimes feels like a curse.

Mary Magdalene Dreams,

As you may know, me and Mary M. have a connection, so much so I wonder if I am her reborn. I know it sounds crazy, I hear myself say it and cringe. Her and I look so much alike it scares me, and the visions or past life dreams I have had are so real and have actually pictured Jesus and what I assume are his disciples in them. Not to mention that people in my dreams have actually walked up to me and told me that she and I are the same. I try to repress these dreams, or visions I keep having. It seems like imagination to my rationale but so real to my heart. I have done angel cards, and use the ghost radar for the iphone, and they have all said things like for example: I told them my name and they said no then they said “Mary”  and “previously” , one time I was watching a movie of Galilee and they said “home” and “remember” not to mention I have asked the angels straight out if i was and they said “remember who you are’ every time I asked them through the cards. Maybe I’m a loon, this may be true, but all of these things seem much more than coincedence. And if it is true, what am I to do? How could I ever convince this world of anything? My mission seems clear though, obviously we are living in the last days, and there will be a battle, and if there is one, maybe I am to fight for the lord or maybe show the world about him. Or maybe I am to right the wrongs that the pope and his church have done. This weighs heavy on my heart. It worries me so much, I feel abandoned, and unsupported by those who love me most. I guess in time the truth will show itself. But until then, I am waiting in the wings, keeping track of the visions I keep having over and over again.

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