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Reincarnation Does Exist!

  Reincarnation does exist and I have read over 700 people! If you go to my akasha page you will see more. https://magdalenasakashicreadings.wordpress.com/ Advertisements


Welcome to Magdalena’s Akashic Readings I hope you enjoy my site. Sending love and blessings your way! If you would like a reading please click here http://magdalenasakashicreadings.wordpress.com/get-a-reading/

Welcome to the Page of the Magdalene

Welcome to the page of the Magdalene”Master” aka as Mary of Bethany, I am back, reincarnation is real. Check out my past life photo gallery.

My Lives

“Thus the risen savior ordained St.Mary Magdalene as the first apostle, and as the apostle of the apostles.On account of her vow, it is said that she continues to incarnate into a woman’s form in every generation. The masters of the tradition say that she is here with us now, in this present generation.” St.Mary […]