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What does equality mean to you?

You are no better then I, and I am not better then you… we are all made out of the same divine spark of God! Females are no less then males, this was lied about to give men dominance for thousands of years. Neither are females better then males, my point being the system was […]

Love Will Save the World

Love Will Save the World …..if we let it, This requires loving others as you love yourself, regardless of race, religion, social standing, sex, marital status or anything else that separates us from each other. Love is being one with each other and one with God violence, pain, ignorance and war is the enemy of […]

The Golden Age of Gaia

The Golden Age of Gaia For those who wish to be enlightened and be brought into consciousness of what the new cycle of the earth is read this website it will change your life. 

Love All

God loves you, he loves all regardless of race, age, religion, etc. Your are his children and like any good parent his love is unconditional and his gift to us is to live forever in eternity with him in peace and harmony. You are loved, and everyone is created the same, created equal. The world […]